11 Jul 2018


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And a pair I made for my mum.
Not the softest yarn tbh but it will serve its purpose for my mum.

Tiger Strømpegarn is a Danish yarn.
It came in a job lot I bought of eBay.

Candy Cane

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Another one made from
WestYorkshireSpinner yarn
"Candy Cane"

Again I made up a knit and purl pattern.

Marie Curie

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WestYorkshireSpinners yarn
in the limited edition colour
"Marie Curie"

Made up knit and purl pattern.

26 Jun 2018

Lila Laune

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Thanks to watching the World Cup the socks are flying off my needles. 😂

Another with a pattern from the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible. This time Pattern No 100

The yarn is Trekking Hand Art Lila Laune

21 Jun 2018

Durch die Blume

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HOTN: The basic sock pattern I always use (and meanwhile etched into my brain) 
I added a slightly adjusted lace pattern from the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible. 
The yarn is Schoppel Zauberball "Durch die Blume".

29 Apr 2018

eBid Newsfeed

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I have added a Newsfeed for all my eBid stores to the blog. I own 3 eBid stores.
One is just for knitting and crochet patterns.
These are all the proper vintage patterns. 
If you are just after PDFs please visit my Etsy store.


Needlecraft books, Sewing patterns, Teddy making supplies, magazines and more.

And last but not least hand knitted and crochet items for babies, children, and adults, as well as homeware.
I charge triple the material used. I offer a selection of inexpensive to luxury knits.
I am not available for commissions right now.

I ship worldwide.
Anything over £50 I will only ship insured worldwide.

18 Apr 2018

Ella Sweater WIP

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I have started with my customised Sirdar Ella sweater. I have decided to use the pattern back, front and sleeves.
I changed the border to a 2x2 rib and made it longer.
Depending on how much I have left I will decide between long or 3/4 sleeves. So far I love it.

The lace pattern is from the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible.

On Your Toes

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And another pair finished.
Now I have to throw a sweater in between.
The pattern is On Your Toes by Drops and the yarn is Fabel by Drops. I only change the heel pattern. I got tired of stripes. 😂

5 Apr 2018

Flower Music Socks

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I was really itching to knit sock again.

So here is the first pair.

Flower Music by Drops Design

 Made from:


911, picnic
100, off white

Cover Moorland

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I made a cover for the plastic beaker I store some of my tools.

No pattern, just made it to fit the beaker.


Moorland CAL

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I finally made the Moorland CAL which I had the yarnpacklying around for ages.

Here's the link to the pattern:

You can get the yarn pack here:

19 Feb 2018


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This is a rant about people undercutting the prices of hand knitted items.
I've been snooping around a bit and stumbled over someone selling hand knitted figures/animals 2 for £8.00 (the ones in the photo), £8.50 and even 4 for £11.20. This just doesn't cut it with me. Even if she buys the cheapest yarn available plus cheap stuffing the material costs per item will range from £1.50 to £2.50. That'll leave at best £5.50 for the time making it. The minimum wage for age 25 and over is currently £7.50.
Nobody not even the fastest knitter on earth will knit 2 bunnies with jumpers, sew them up and stuff them in less than 1 hour.

I usually charge 3 times what the yarn cost me plus buttons or whatever else I used. It makes it more transparent.
I always state exactly what yarn I have used so people can look it up and see that I don't make up a price for fun.
If I would charge yarn + hours that would make some pieces more expensive than others even so I used the same yarn but the pattern was maybe a little more complicated and it took me longer to make.
As I like other knitters usually knit in front of the TV it is very difficult to judge how much time I have actually spent making things. It would mean I would have to time myself, write down every minute I have actually knitted would be just ridiculous and waste my time.

4 Feb 2018

Green Aran Hoodie

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Green Aran Hooded Coat

Made from Patons Merino Extrafine Aran

West Caps

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I used the left over yarn to make to hats.

Both are made from Lang Yarns West

Both are available on Etsy.


West Hooded Jacket

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Hooded Jacket

Made from Lang Yarns West

A lovely super chunky yarn

30 Jan 2018

Petite Heidi - 12-18 Months

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Petit Heidi by Drops Design

Drops Fabel and Drops Alpaca

Please do not ask for commissions. I really don't have time atm to squeeze anyone in.
I have to reduce my yarn stash so I can buy new yarn.


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