8 Mar 2019

Dream Catcher Sweater

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And it's finished.
Sooooo snuggly!

24 Feb 2019

The Forgotten Socks

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Oops, going through the photos I just noticed I forgot to post about a few more socks

The first two are mine, the third is hubby's

 Woll Butt

Araucania (discontinued)


W.I.P. Stylecraft Sweater

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When I first saw this yarn I had to grab it. And the pattern was very nice too
Since then I have bought more yarn for another sweater.

It is really soft and light, perfect for when it gets a bit warmer. The colours are beautifully bright.
It knits really well but I do recommend steel needles like Knitpro Nova Metal.
The yarn is loosely spun with only 1 ply but it won't split and you can pull as much as you like.
I might even get a third colour. 😉

Dennis the Menace Jumper

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So hubby was asking me if I could make him a Dennis the Menace jumper.
I said of course. So I ordered some Stylecraft Aran with Wool and converted the pattern for the Nordic Jumper into a top-down pattern.
That was easier than I expected.

I wasn't able to take pictures of the finished one yet because hubby nicked it hot off the needle 😄


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